Maropa Crafts - handmade, embroidered cards for a wedding, an anniversary and more!!

I decided to create Maropa Crafts after creating handmade, embroidered place cards and monograms for my sons' wedding. I handmade, embroidered place cards and monograms for use on invitations and order of service cards and also created a handmade, embroidered wedding card for each.

Handmade, Embroidered Monograms

The special handmade, embroidered monograms have the initials of the couple embroidered onto each and then these can be added to place cards, wedding invitations, menus etc.

Handmade, Embroidered Cards
My handmade, embroidered cards are embroidered and personalised with many colours and patterns. In my card shop you will find examples of handmade, embroidered cards for special occasions like a birthday and anniversary but you will also find a special, handmade, embroidered wedding card made that extra bit special with a larger size and two golden rings.

Please email me if my special handmade, embroidered cards or embroidered monograms for occasions like a wedding or anniversary aren't quite what you require or if you wish to talk about a special custom order either for cards or monograms for use on place cards and invitations. I will do my best to bring a hand embroidered touch to your special occasion.

Everything on this site is handmade and embroidered by me - Clare Byers

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